Goddess of water

Protecting Water and Earth

The Mayans believed that nature was not something mechanical and that it should be protected. And that is the mission of The Goddess of Water, to protect the water from other natural elements so that it conserves all its purity, at the same time taking care of the Earth.

A water in cardboard with which to share our passion for taking care of ourselves and taking care of you.


About the container and the water

The Goddess of Water is packed in Tetra Prisma® Aseptic which is 100% recyclable and comes in more than 73% renewable raw materials, an important improvement over a plastic container. The cardboard comes from forests managed responsibly.

Aseptic Container

With the Goddess of Water you will have fresh water for a longer time. It does not deteriorate, since it does not receive light when it is packed without air and in a protective atmosphere.

Ergonomic Design

Comfortable grip with its 8 sides. Easy to open and close at any time… and drink. The Goddess of Water is a design created from the heart.

Sustainability and Efficiency

Our packaging leaves a footprint of CO2 64% lower than that of plastic or glass. The containers arrive in coils to the factories. This method reduces contamination by 70 times.

The Water

Mineralized and balanced water with a PH of 7.5 and very weak mineralization, ideal for low sodium diets. Packaged in a protective atmosphere in a state-of-the-art facility in Málaga. prepared for packaging in brik. This is its composition:

Calcium (mg/l) <8
Magnesium (mg/l) <5
Sodium (mg/l) <2
Potasium (mg/l) <1
Bicarbonate (mg/l) <15
Sulfates (mg/l) <10
Nitrates (mg/l) <2
Chlorides (mg/l) <10
Dry residue at 180º (mg/l) 29
Total hardness (mg/CO3/l) 54

Preferential consumption: 24 months

The container measures 7 x 16 cm and you can buy it in pack of 4, 9 or 18 units.


Available Packs

The container measures 7 x 16 cm and you can buy it in pack of 4, 9 or 18 units.

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Cooperate with Pozos Sin Fronteras

Like the Goddess of Water, we want to help even more and have thought about donating a part of the sales to Pozos Sin Fronteras, to take water where they need it most.

Where to find The Goddess of Water

These are the points where you can find us.



Le Régina Biarritz Hôtel & Spa

52, avenue de l’Impératrice
64200 BIARRITZ – France

DulceWeekend Market

13 y 14 de julio

Hotel La Fleur du Lac

Rue de Lausanne 70 
CH – 1110 Morges – Switzerland

Guingueta Vallbona

Platja picordia, 08350
Arenys de Mar, Barcelona

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