Share concerns, interests and arguments with a gender perspective. That is the objective of the day ‘Amb veu de dona’ organized by Ràdio Barcelona of Cadena SER on April 25 in the auditorium of the Nobu Hotel Barcelona.

And the Goddess of Water couldn’t miss it!

An event presented by Núria Pujadas, editor of SER Catalunya, in which for two and a half hours they discussed topics such as the historical invisibility of women in medicine, their role as pioneers in communication and sport, or the impact of the gender perspective in areas such as the audiovisual, language or music.

Who participated?

Well, great women like the legend of women’s basketball Laia Palau, the doctor specializing in gender perspective Carme Valls Llobet, the journalist Olga Viza, the singer Sara Roy or Iolanda Triviño from the Global Future of Work Foundation.

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