Los 40 Principales has prepared an exceptional poster to celebrate the Festes de La Mercè ’22 on September 25. A concert that promises to be bigger than ever and in which we can enjoy the voices of Lola Índigo, Doctor Prats, Miki Núñez, Porto Bello and The Tyets , as well as the participation of DJs Adrià Ortega, Adrià Soler, Uri Mora, Sergi Sánchez and Víctor de la Torre who will be in charge of entertaining the party with their unique style.

The Goddess of Water did not want to miss the opportunity to toast with all of them backstage and in the artist area of ​​the event to show, once again, that together we can take care of water and the Earth , also at concerts!

If you also want to toast with us and the Goddess of Water , we remind you that you can buy your water in a brick here and we will take it wherever you want!

Goddess of water, compromised water

The 100% pure water packaged in a recyclable brick from the Goddess of Water collaborates this year with Los 40 at the La Mercè festivities to remind us of the importance of committing ourselves to our well-being and that of the planet .

  • Because by choosing a recyclable container, made with more than 70% raw material of vegetable origin , we contribute to reducing the use of plastics and minimizing the impact of CO2 on our planet.
  • Because with each brick we collaborate with Pozos sin Fronteras to bring water to those who need it most and we are committed to a more conscious and supportive world.
  • And, in addition, we take care of ourselves and our own with balanced water, 100% pure and free of micro plastics , which stays fresh for longer!

The Goddess of Water launches a website!

oh! And for the occasion… the Water Goddess team dressed up!

We want to tell you that we have launched a new website where you will find much more information about the boxed water of the Goddess of Water and a completely renewed image that we hope you like very much.

We are waiting for you on September 25 at 8:00 p.m. with Los 40 Principales!

Remember that this year the concert has a new location on Martí i Franquès street in Barcelona (halfway between Palau Reial and Camp Nou).

Happy music and happy water!